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Besides adding an aesthetic appeal to your industrial, commercial, or residential space, a flooring solution facilitates your daily activities. Approaching Griffin’s Flooring specialists in applying a versatile epoxy floor coating on your floors address all your safety concerns.

The coating for epoxy or resinous flooring is made by mixing polyamine hardener, epoxide resin, and other additives. Their subsequent chemical reaction forms a rigid plastic material that seals this surface and enhances its stability on laying above a concrete substrate.

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We Take Pride In Our Work

Making us at Griffin’s your supportive partners when searching for a supplier of repute in Spokane WA, is advisable. Our years of experience in this domain and the guarantee we provide on our products and services proves beneficial to you. 

Checking our online ratings and scanning through the reviews posted by our clientele will instill further convince you of our expertise. Many service providers claim to be the best in our field, but we back our claim up with our happy clients!

Compelling Reasons to Opt for Epoxy Floor Coating

When you need to fortify your Spokane, WA flooring and preserve it from harsh exposure, epoxy coating achieves it all. At Griffin’s, our technicians undergo extensive training to transform your space while sealing concrete surfaces or refurbishing outdated flooring.

Especially when your floor surfaces witness heavy traffic, our resilient and glossy coating converts them into safe and refined zones. We list here the many reasons to entrust our Griffin’s professionals to carry out epoxy floor coating across your Spokane, WA spaces:

  • Covers Defects and Enhances Appearance – An epoxy coating gives your flooring an elegant and sleek look. The light that our shiny epoxy coat reflects adds to the functional and welcoming aspects of your space. Griffin’s offers several epoxy color and design options in pleasing tones to our Spokane, WA clients.
  • With our quality epoxy floor coating, you can hide imperfections on your existing flooring and better traction. For the latter, we add decorative quartz or mica chips to our epoxy mixture. This speckled look style dresses up your space by catching light and glimmer without compromising on practicality.
  • Cost-Effective Solution- You can save on additional installation tiling costs by opting for our epoxy floor coating finish. Spokane, WA representatives from Griffin’s spare you a pricey investment by revamping your flooring without removing its current surface. 
  • Epoxy installations are cost-effective and less time-consuming than alternative flooring. Between each application, Griffin’s technicians allow for drying time. Our Spokane, WA field workers adopt proper application techniques and necessary protective measures to ensure your flooring stays intact for longer.
  • Resistant to Harmful Elements – When you want your flooring to be resistant to heavy shocks, chemicals, heat, and water, consider epoxy coating. The tough epoxy layer bears the brunt of jarring crashes, heavy equipment falls, and regular wear and tear without causing chipping. 
  • Higher grade epoxy withstands more heat, so this heat-resistant material is ideal for coating your kitchen and garage floorings.  Considering epoxy floor coating is dense, it prevents harsh chemicals from seeping through your concrete. Moreover, its water-resistant feature safeguards your flooring from the ill effects of accidental spillages. 
  • Easy to Install – Our trained Griffin’s Flooring Spokane,  workers possess the skills to effectively apply epoxy floor coating to your old or new flooring surfaces. In the absence of harmful chemical usage, there is no toxic evaporation from your freshly coated floors. Within a reasonable timeframe, our proficient team completes the assigned task to your satisfaction.
  • Durable and Hardy – When undertaken by Griffin’s experts, the initial coating lasts longer than other flooring material like wood, carpet, and tiles. Your Spokane, WA epoxy coating does not demand regular replacing owing to its protective and durable qualities. 
  • Its longevity only reinforces the cost-effectiveness of this coating application. Whether your flooring is made of concrete or another material, epoxy acts as a protective shield over the underlying surface. 
  • Since we believe in applying more than a single epoxy coat, the thick coating preserves the underneath layer. Sturdy epoxy floor coating, besides handling shocks, can withstand substantial weight, conceal defects, and is resistant to scratches. Epoxy can bear heavy loads without peeling or tearing, especially when accurately installed.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Floorings with epoxy coatings are easy on maintenance as they are less exposed to cement and dust particles synonymous with concrete. Simply use a vacuum, mop, or broom to clean your surface and maintain its shine.
  • The fact that bacteria, germs, and other contaminants do not stick to epoxy surfaces makes it a sanitary coating. Avoid acidic products and stick to a regular soapy solution which you can conveniently wipe off without the moisture staining your flooring.
  • Elevates Safety and Visibility – At Griffin’s Flooring, our epoxy floor coating pros deliver a surface with an intense sheen that reflects light to illuminate your surroundings. Along with its shiny and elegant look, epoxy’s anti-slip feature keeps you safe from falls. 
  • Our Spokane, WA installation professionals appropriately ventilate your space and take adequate precautions during the curing period, so the epoxy fumes do not cause harm. We declare the epoxy floor safe for use after fulfilling all safety norms.
  • Eco-Friendly – Epoxy floor coating installations require fewer materials and machinery when compared to regular flooring methods. Since the coating lasts for years, it rules out frequent replacements and subsequent wastage through scraps. 
  • The use of solvent-free chemicals in epoxy formulas prevents the emission of dangerous gases into the environment. Epoxy flooring service by increasing light reflectivity cuts down on your energy consumption and lowers your outgoings.  
  • Uniquely Impressive – Modern epoxy flooring boasts of a range of impressive finishes like metallic, flake, and polished concrete. Each of these exudes a unique style and sophistication, which enhances the aesthetic value of your space. With epoxy coating, we ensure that your flooring makes an attractive and appealing transformation.

Checking our online ratings and scanning through the reviews posted by our clientele will instill further convince you of our expertise. Many service providers claim to be the best in our field, but we back our claim up with our happy clients!

Our experienced technicians throughout Spokane,WA will undertake any epoxy floor coating job. Give your dull flooring a facelift with Griffin's Flooring!