Your home’s flooring contributes immensely to your home’s entire interior design and aesthetic. When you want to give your home a makeover without constant renovations, opting for residential epoxy flooring by Epoxy Flooring Company is just what you need. 

Epoxy Flooring Company has extensive experience in residential epoxy flooring in Spokane, WA and we provide a variety of epoxy flooring options for you to choose from. Our contractors have performed many residential epoxy flooring services throughout the years and can deal with any type of flooring without problems.

An ordinary concrete floor may not be the look you want for your home, especially when you’re planning to stay in it for a while. Epoxy can be applied to most hard flooring surfaces, so you don’t need to think twice before looking into various epoxy flooring options for your home. 

Epoxy can make a world of difference in adding luster and elegance to any residential flooring or industrial flooring company, so don’t hesitate to set up a consultation with us right away! Spokane, WA

The Many Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy has become the go-to flooring option for many properties, whether residential or commercial. Its high performance is incomparable to any other alternative available today, and you get to enjoy it for a long time when it is properly maintained and looked after. It can help protect your flooring for a longer time, reflect UV rays, repel stains and prevent discoloration.

The bright reflective surface of a well-done epoxy floor can make your home look more inviting and warmer to guests. From your bathroom to the kitchen, there is no area that cannot be revamped with the help of epoxy. For areas like the kitchen, where many spills and slips can tend to happen, epoxy can act as a barrier. You can prevent anything from permanently staining your flooring and make it safer for everyone in your household. 

When looking for epoxy floor services in Spokane, WA, Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring contractors are here to help. Since it doesn’t require complex tools for installation, you can also enjoy a relatively peaceful time while the flooring is getting installed. Sit back and wait for your new floors when our industrial epoxy flooring contractors in Spokane, WA get to work achieving your dream flooring.

Why is Epoxy Flooring the Ideal Solution?

Where Can You Get Epoxy Floor Services Done?

No area on a residential property is off-limits to a good epoxy floor coating. Some areas you can think about getting this service done are:

  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Living room
  • Entryway

Depending on your home design and desired aesthetic, you may want to speak to our contractors before deciding where this service is most required.

Budget-Friendly and Low Maintenance

Many flooring options that are available in the market today require constant maintenance, which can make it undesirable for your home. You don’t want to be constantly calling maintenance services or spending time regularly trying to look after your floors. However, with epoxy, that’s never a problem.

Our contractors get into every nook and cranny to ensure that the epoxy is evenly distributed. They will ensure that it dries without any cracks or bubbles, so you don’t have to see flaws in your home. It’s easy to clean without worrying as you don’t have to worry about any dirt or stains permanently sticking on the flooring. You can use basic cleaning equipment to ensure it shines and always remains spotless. Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring in Spokane, WA also offers various additives that can help reduce bacteria on your flooring and keep it shinier for longer.

Durable and Safe for Any Home

Cracks, bumps, and any other oddities on your floor can make it dangerous for anyone walking in your home, especially pets and kids. When you want to ensure that everyone is safe and doesn’t constantly have to look down while walking, our epoxy flooring service is the perfect solution. Because it adheres well to any concrete flooring without any seams, there are no gaps that can lead people to trip or slip.

The endurance of any epoxy flooring depends on how it’s been installed and where it’s been applied. Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring experts ensure to have your flooring thoroughly prepped so that any epoxy coating that you choose adheres evenly on the surface. Once dried, it is water-resistant and won’t be affected by excessive heat.

The Smart Solution to Make Your Home Shine

Choose from a wide range of options when it comes to epoxy flooring. No home is the same, and we aim to provide a solution to make your home shine. You can personalize a flooring design that will complement the rest of your home’s interior without any hassle when working with us. Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern designs, we offer them all.

Look at some of our past work to see how we can work wonders for your residential property. When you get epoxy flooring in Spokane, WA, there’s simply no one better than us to work with. 

In Spokane, WA, Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring experts have been known to provide reliable and fool-proof epoxy coating services throughout the years. When you are ready to get started with transforming your home, give us a call.

The Solution You’re Looking For

An epoxy coating to any concrete floor can elevate your property immediately. Whether you go with a traditional pattern or a unique design, you can ensure a stunning floor when choosing to work with Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring. Make your flooring the focal point when you choose to get it done by the best in Spokane.