Concrete floors are some of the most versatile options available in the market today. However, concrete can be exposed to various kinds of damage throughout the years and look worn down in no time. Concrete coatings are the way to go when you are looking for something more permanent to protect your Coeur d’Alene property.

Epoxy concrete coatings are a solution that is meant to last. Whether you’re getting it for your residential or commercial property, you won’t be disappointed with the final result. There are a lot of old buildings and homes in Coeur d’Alene, and when you’re looking to give yours an uplift, think epoxy coatings for concrete floors.

Whether you live in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, or Liberty Lake, Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring is here to help you achieve a revamped property with our expert concrete coating services. Our experts have been working in Coeur d’Alene for years and know exactly the kind of personalization needed when it comes to concrete coatings on your property.

Built to Last

Just like how concrete is made to last, so are concrete coatings. Epoxy is a powerful chemical composition made of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. Depending on your requirements, you can also find various additives that can be added to include different features in the coating. It can be made slip-resistant and more durable with the help of these additives.

When you get concrete coatings with Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring in Coeur d’Alene, you will find that the finished coating will also be heat and water-resistance. No matter what weather you are getting in Coeur d’Alene, you will never have to worry about your concrete coating being damaged. 

Concrete coatings are extremely durable and can withstand various chemicals without any damage. You won’t have to worry about oil stains or discoloration either when this is the choice you’re going with. It can handle high weight and impact, so you don’t have to check it for scratches or chipping constantly.

With a solution built to last, your property will look better and more sophisticated when you finish off your concrete floors with a nice layer of epoxy coating.

Why is Epoxy Flooring the Ideal Solution?

Multiple Choices to Match Your Needs

Concrete coatings, Coeur d’Alene, can’t be just done by anyone. When you want a perfect result, you must ensure that you’re working with experts who know what they’re doing. At Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring, we take pride in ensuring a perfect result each time. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional concrete coating with a glossy finish or want to add in a design, we take care of your requirements. Different finishes, colors, and patterns are available for your concrete coating. You can jazz it up with a design or keep it chic with a simple color and finish. 

You can enjoy the smooth surface in any design to your liking. If you want to make markings on the coating to direct people towards a specific area, that can be done too. Make the most of your concrete coating by utilizing it for your requirements.

Our experts ensure that the surface is properly prepped, so the epoxy coating applies evenly and leaves a beautiful finish afterward. When you want to repurpose your basement so you can make it more usable, flooring has to be considered. You can also think about making your epoxy coating slip-resistant, which can be safer for kids and pets.

Personalized Design

No property is made the same. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, your requirements and your personal tastes differ too. When you are looking for a personalized solution, contact Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring for your concrete coating needs.

We will ensure that we develop a design that aligns with your vision and is best for your property. Whether you are getting a concrete coating indoors or outdoors, we will ensure that it is as eye-catching or as understated as you want.

Transform Any Area

Concrete coatings can be applied to various areas, depending on where you have a concrete surface. Some areas you can think about getting an epoxy (concrete) coating include:

  • Garage (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Patio
  • Stores
  • Gyms

Depending on your requirements, we will do our best to transform the area according to your needs. When you want to revamp your property without getting into extensive renovations, a concrete coating is a right solution both in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Protection Without Maintenance

Concrete can require much maintenance over time, and it can be exhausting to keep up. With concrete coatings, the only thing you may have to worry about is concrete epoxy repair, and even that isn’t needed for many years. Concrete coating can help make your concrete more manageable in terms of maintenance. Only dry and wet mopping is required for maintaining your concrete coating. 

You don’t have to worry about chips or cracks occurring in your concrete coating when it’s been done properly. Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring experts ensure that the concrete surface is properly prepped before beginning the process to ensure better adhesion of the epoxy to the concrete.

The Best For Your Property

When you’re ready to revamp your property, there’s no time to wait! Contact Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring today to get started with your concrete coating. We ensure that the entire process is done in consultation with you so that the result is exactly how you want it.