Your basement is one of the most neglected areas on your property and seldom gets attention until it’s too late. When you want to transform your basement to make it more appealing and functional, epoxy flooring is the solution you should opt for.

Basements are prone to a lot of moisture, and humidity, which makes them the ideal place for bacterial growth and damage. Basements have stereotypically been portrayed as dark and dingy areas, but when you do it right, they can be essential areas that can be remodeled to your needs. When you get epoxy floor coating with Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring in Spokane, WA you no longer have to worry about your basement being a victim to external forces.

Our licensed, insured, and experienced contractors can help you remodel your basement completely by just revamping the flooring. Get in touch with us today to find out how your basement can look better and be more functional for your needs. Spokane, WA


Protect Your Basement

Whether you have your HVAC system located in your basement or your boiler, many factors can end up damaging the flooring over time. Without proper maintenance, you might find cracks and chips on the flooring that you can do nothing about. Mold, bacterial, and algae growth isn’t just bad for your floor; it’s bad for your health too. It can ruin the ventilation throughout the property and become problematic for those with respiratory problems. It can also be slippery and cause dangerous accidents. When you want to ensure the health and safety of those in your home, epoxy floors are a must. When you want to protect your basement floor from any damage while ensuring that it remains spotless, epoxy flooring basement is perfect. The coating ensures that your floor is resistant to water and heat, which is ideal when housing your HVAC or boiler system. Epoxy has been a popular choice for property owners in Spokane, WA. Work with Griffin's Epoxy Flooring experts today to find the perfect solution for your basement epoxy flooring needs.

Why is Epoxy Flooring the Ideal Solution?

Epoxy has many qualities that are seldom found in other alternatives in the market. Due to its chemical composition, it possesses various benefits, including: – 

– Comes in various colors, patterns, and finishes
– Adheres to any properly prepped surface
– Dust, water, and chemical repellant
– Efficient application
– Durable
– Safer compared to other alternatives
– Easy to maintain


A Seamless Look for Your Property

Compared to the rest of your property, your basement might look very different in terms of aesthetics. You might not want to invest as much in your basement, but there’s no reason for it to look drastically different compared to the rest of your interior. Epoxy can be an easy and efficient option for you. Experts can get epoxy applied to floors within hours, and then all you need to do is wait for the coating to dry.

Since they were originally made for industrial and commercial uses, you don’t have to worry about any heavy items or machinery you end up storing there.

Low Maintenance and Budget Friendly

Many alternatives to epoxy are available today, which can be applied throughout your entire home. However, unlike epoxy flooring, these alternatives require constant maintenance, which can include industrial-level cleaning. With epoxy, using your standard cleaning solutions and mopping is enough to keep it clean for a long time. It is ideal for even dust allergies, as it is dust-repellant.

You don’t want to spend too much on your basement flooring, especially when you don’t think many people would see it. However, epoxy is a great option when you are looking for a budget-friendly flooring option that enhances the look of your basement.

From metallic finishes to vivid patterns, there’s no option that you won’t find the ideal for your needs with a basement flooring company.

Keeping Your Needs in Mind

Depending on what you intend to use your basement for, you must choose the flooring accordingly. Many additives can be added to epoxy to make it more durable, slip-resistant, and more. If you have specific requirements, getting in touch with Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring contractors to enquire would be best. Our contractors take the time to thoroughly prep the surface floor because the epoxy is applied. It ensures better adhesion and longevity for the floor.

You might already have a floor that is cracked and has imperfections. Our contractors will ensure that your floor’s flaws will be hidden with epoxy, and it looks seamless. It leaves a beautiful finish on the floor and is perfect for any size. When you want a professionally-done basement floor that completely transforms it, contact Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring in Spokane, WA.

Make Your Basement Flooring Last

Your basement is an area you might not get around to often, so you want to choose an option that will last for years. Epoxy will not only make your basement floor shine; you won’t have to continually maintain it to stay that way.

Contact Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring today if you are ready to revamp your basement.