Introducing Kerdi-Board-SNLT: The Perfectly Lit Shower Niche by Schluter-Systems

Schluter-Systems Introduces Kerdi-Board-SNLT: A Perfectly Lit Shower Niche

Key points:

  • Schluter-Systems has unveiled Kerdi-Board-SNLT, a prefabricated shower niche with integrated LED lighting.
  • The shower niche is designed to ensure all connections are compliant with the NEC and CEC.
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  • The integrated Schluter-Liprotec LED lighting provides perfect illumination for the shower area.
  • The product offers convenience and safety by eliminating the need for separate electrical connections.
  • With this innovation, Schluter-Systems aims to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of showers.

Hot Take:

Schluter-Systems is shedding some light on shower niches with its new Kerdi-Board-SNLT. With integrated LED lighting, this product not only adds a touch of style but also ensures electrical compliance. No more dark and poorly lit showers! This innovation demonstrates Schluter-System’s commitment to enhancing the shower experience with convenience and safety.