AI News: IIDA Members’ Exam Costs Covered for Sustainable Design Practice

AI News: Exam Costs Covered for IIDA Members

Key Points:

  • The IIDA (International Interior Design Association) has launched a new fund to cover the exam costs for its members.
  • The fund aims to encourage and inspire designers to expand their knowledge and practice sustainability within their projects.
  • The IIDA believes that by removing financial barriers, more designers will be motivated to take the exam and develop their skills in sustainable design.
  • Sustainability is an important aspect of interior design, and the IIDA hopes that this initiative will lead to more environmentally friendly and socially responsible projects.
  • The fund covers 100% of the exam costs for IIDA members, making it easier for them to pursue professional certifications.

Hot Take:

Who said exams had to be stressful and expensive? The IIDA is stepping up to support its members by covering their exam costs. Now designers can focus on expanding their knowledge and practicing sustainability without worrying about breaking the bank. It’s a win-win situation that will hopefully lead to more environmentally friendly and socially responsible interior design projects. Kudos to the IIDA for removing financial barriers and encouraging designers to level up their skills!