Laticrete Launches 254 Platinum Plus: The Ultimate Lightweight and High-Performance Adhesive Mortar

Key Points:

  • Laticrete has launched 254 Platinum Plus, a new thin-set adhesive mortar.
  • 254 Platinum Plus is a high-performance and lightweight product.
  • The mortar builds on the success of Laticrete’s original 254 Platinum.
  • It aims to provide improved performance and ease of use for construction projects.
  • Laticrete is known for its globally proven construction solutions.

Hot Take:

Laticrete is stepping up its game in the construction industry with the launch of 254 Platinum Plus. This lightweight and high-performance adhesive mortar is here to make construction projects a breeze. With its improved features and ease of use, Laticrete is once again proving why it’s a leader in the industry. Get ready to stick things together with style!