epoxy flooring in their basements

The Top Reasons Homeowners Choose Epoxy Flooring for Their Basement

When you are renovating your homes, basements often get overlooked as areas of opportunity. However, many homeowners across the country are now recognizing the value of installing epoxy flooring in their basements.

Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring in Spokane, WA provides the best epoxy installation options. Here are the top reasons why homeowners choose epoxy flooring for their basements:

1. It’s Easy to Maintain

Basements are prone to moisture and humidity, which can quickly create problems for carpets or wood flooring. Epoxy flooring is much easier to maintain; it needs a regular sweep and mop with a safe cleaner to keep it looking new.

Some steps to clean and maintain your epoxy basement floor include:

• Sweep the floor regularly with a broom or vacuum to remove debris and dirt.

• Mopping up spills as soon as possible using a damp mop and a mild cleaner.

• Applying sealant every few years to protect the surface from scratches and damage.

2. It’s Affordable

Epoxy is great for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly option to spruce up their basement floors. It’s significantly cheaper than other flooring materials such as ceramic tile, hardwood, or carpet and can usually be installed in less time. Not only is epoxy more affordable upfront, but it’s also an investment that pays off in the long run because of its durability and ease of maintenance.

3. Increased Safety

Epoxy floors provide a much safer environment for your family and guests, as the epoxy layer provides a non-slip surface that reduces the risk of slips, trips, or falls. The smooth finish also eliminates any hazards from sharp edges or splinters that may be present on untreated floors.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

Epoxy flooring for basement areas can be customized in color, making the room more visually appealing and modern-looking. The glossy finish adds depth and luster to the space that regular concrete cannot replicate. This makes it an excellent choice for basements used as entertaining rooms or game rooms.

5. Resistance to Spills and Stains

Epoxy flooring is also highly resistant to spills and stains, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to such messes. Its hard surface prevents liquids from soaking in, meaning clean-up is quick and easy. Basements are known for having plumbing and drainage issues, making them risky for floors. Epoxy is an excellent option as it can withstand any moisture in the basement.

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6. Durability

Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and can stand up to high-traffic areas easily. Its hard surface prevents wear and tear, as well as able to resist scuffs and scratches. Additionally, epoxy is resistant to most chemicals and stains. This makes it perfect for basements, which often use harsh cleaning products such as bleach. Epoxy flooring also has a long lifespan, with its durability allowing it to last for many years with minimal maintenance required.

7. Eco-friendly Option

Basement floors covered with epoxy are durable and resistant but also environmentally friendly. Epoxy comprises recyclable materials that won’t harm the environment or your health. The epoxy contains no VOCs and emits no toxic fumes. This makes epoxy the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a green option for their basement flooring.

Homeowners are increasingly turning to epoxy flooring for their basements. This durable and attractive flooring option is a great way to protect your concrete foundation and give your basement a modern, stylish look. Contact Griffin’s Epoxy Flooring for all your epoxy flooring needs. We specialize in epoxy coatings for basement floors and can help make your home look better than ever!